Silvio Bessone Puro Cioccolato
Silvio Bessone Puro Cioccolato

FIVE - Iniziativa di Silvio Bessone Puro Cioccolato

Dear customer and friend!

Around the world, I realized that the reasons too often strictly economic, do not hesitate to eat junk food for the people, but the consumer, often unconscious, relies on acronyms simple are valid statements, but almost never bends on what is necessary to know what you put in your mouth.

Well now I have decided to participate, if you believe that all together we can do something to improve the quality of our lives, I believe!

I started to produce biodynamics in cocoa I designed in Ecuador to Babahoyo, a peasant Group friends were preparing to leave with the next season of the biodynamic farming, i.e. the transformation of cocoa with the method patent B.M.P. Bessone.

We start from the transformation of the best cocoa beans to make correct and respectful of the Biodinamicita and then turn them into Biocioccolato, respectful of the extraordinary qualities organoleptic but also rich in natural elements of great value for our health and our cardiovascular perspective than Psychoactive but especially for high levels of phenols anti-aging!

Cocoa are raccoglinendo this week in Ecuador and Sri Lanka, where I have my two treatment centres and at the end of July will be ready to be sent by sea to the Italy.

At the end of August cocoa will be in my lab and we will begin processing the first batch of cocoa produced in the complete control of the biodynamic chain in the world.

After a month of refining chocolate biodynamics will be transformed into bars and Pralines with in some cases the best Piedmont hazelnuts at Mondovi vallale variety of three sides.

At the end of November, we will be able to deliver to your door this dream come true!

At this point I have to expose my project to invest (little) but the high interest rate and economic food! If you think my work is serious and noble purposes could invest and support with me this initiative by signing a welfare action namely: buy a chocolate with a value of $100.00 during the month of July and I am sending you a book title that gives the right to receive between Christmas and Easter for $120.00 fine chocolate products and be placed between the members founders biodynamic FIVE to receive if you are interested and our free trial samples became our official taster.

This offer can be given to a relative or friend to support a new way of doing business!

Shorten us the supply chain and improve this what they eat, just a small investment.

Just reply to this e-mail and indicate how many shares you would like to subscribe to receive the regular purchase of the contract, some do it to make the payment and you a title credit be collected directly from us in via Francesco Gallo 19-Vicoforte or let you send all the shipping address, from November.


For information write to

Or +39 0174 563312

A bientôt,

Silvio Bessone